What we do

Smart Devices

Smart Devices

We help you source devices that work for your use case. Guidance robots, kiosks, smart screens, and more.

App Development

Custom Software

We write custom apps for smart devices. Control your robot with your phone, or create custom interactions and scenarios with your own branding.

Smart Devices

Research and Development

We partner with Dalhousie University to advance research on Natural Language Processing, Navigation, and Artificial intellegence. We are building custom robot hardware in Nova Scotia.

Smart Devices

Strategic Planning

Starting an automation project can be an arduous process. We can help you plan your next automation solution.

Smart Devices


We keep your data stored securely in the cloud, and private with secure Encryption.

Our Work

It all started once upon a lab...

In 2018, we assembled our first bot in Dalhousie ACM lab, with 3d computer vision & navigation. The bot was tailored by our us to restaurants and showcased the state of the art. From there, the possibilities of what we could do with this technology struck us, but more work was needed.

We needed custom software to tailor each bot to our unique clients. Computer vision, facial recognition, and other exciting tech paled in comparrison to the impression users got from seeing their own fully-customized branding and user experience take shape on the robot's screen.

And that's why we now work with local software development experts to deliver those experiences.

We source globally and build locally.

You may have seen some of our hardware and custom software in stores, restaurants, or other spaces around Halifax.

Great things are on the way. If you want to see what we can do for you and your space, contact us.

Based in Halifax Nova Scotia

We chose Halifax, the beating heart of the Maritimes, to be our home, to live and work. Since our founding in 2018, we knew that we made the right decision.

Halifax continues to get better and better. With a growing population of bright people, 6 great Universities, beautiful parks, and a thriving creative community, it's our favorite place to be.

Come visit and it'll be yours too.






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Our Core Values


Our commitment to our local communities starts with our partnership with universities. World-class talent comes through our province, and we are committed to keeping it here with in-house training and opportunities. We hire local talent in the maritimes to work on our projects.


Maritime robotics is a woman-owned technology business. In STEM fields, we have broken barriers and stood on the shoulders of giants, which is why we believe that Diversity - whether in ethnicity, sexual or gender identity, enhances our teams and our free echange of ideas, and helps us better understand our clients and their customers.


Good ideas come from all of us, and all of us make good ideas into good solutions together. We work with our clients & partners to find solutions that fit your use case.


We look at the future as a bright horizon on a stormy sea. While there may be challenges, we believe that people working together with technology can meet them and find that brighter tomorrow.

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How can we help you?

To find out more about what robotics, smart devices, and AI can do for your company, drop us a line. Let's see how we can help drive your business forward.